Monday, 18 January 2010

a year in yes

This picture is of a 2010 calendar that I lusted over just a little bit towards the end of last year. It's so beautiful, filled with stunning photos and great quotes. The inside is so pretty, filled with to do list space, challenges, exciting adventure suggestions and just gorgeous to look at- it. It felt like it was made for me!
On the inside it had a bold title of 'this is your year'.

I love that calendar and whilst secretly mourning that it was not one of the things to be bought off of my Christmas list, and I've been forced to go with the little-bit-pretty/very functional couples planner, I feel that that statement  above is wrong. God has been stirring up in me dreams for this year and a devotion to give this year to Him. I've given Him my whole life, past, present and every day of my future, but I want this year to have His name on it.

My new years resolutions never last beyond a I then became someone who just never came up with any new ambitions. I've realised that all my efforts were never done in His strength. So with that in mind, I've come up with some goals for 2010. HF has aptly named them a list of 'audicious expectations'. I'm going to audiciously expect God to move this year, in my big dreams and in some of the smaller decisions, and help me achieve some of these because I'm going to do remembering its in His power and the power of the Spirit in me.
  • Be a risk taker: I guess this one can be applied to everything this year; a big one He's been pressing on me.
  • To be a better wife:  Always striving to love him better!
  • Improved fitness: I want to be stronger!
  • Better time management: some times I'm really hot on this, yet when I'm not I'm so off the mark it's untrue. 
  • Saying yes to Him more. 

I love the title of that calendar, at first I thought it was a terrible typo - shouldn't be 'The year of yes'?
I used to say yes to everyone- it took me a long time to develop the good habit of learning when to say no. Instead saying yes to everything that people put before me, 'the year in yes', feels to me like being in a mindset; being in an atmosphere of openness and willingness to embrace obedience. Saying yes to the opportunities He puts before even if they take me out of my comfort zone. Yes to the things He asks and longs for me to do. Yes as a battle cry that I believe what it says in the word, every time the enemy comes to steal my joy.

Today we begin our week of prayer and fasting. Matt & I are not fasting food this time around, who does a fresh food shop before the week of fasting eh!?(My fault entirely!) Instead we have taken the remotes to everything and put them upstairs, no DVD's/Sky/Wii! For me, fasting food would be easier. But I know fully that this small obedience glorifies Jesus and  is going to be good for me, time to spend saying yes to Him.

Monday, 11 January 2010


I have to honestly say that September 2008-September 2009 has been the hardest, most gut-renching, challenging and faith testing year of my life. Yet in all that, Matt and I have seen His favour and promise so abundantly. Reading Holly Furtick's blog recently prompted me to spend some time being truly thankful for what has gone; to stop and take stock, to remember what God has done this year.

9 Things I'm thankful for in 2009

1. Giving me the courage to leave my job and step out into the unknown.
2. Providing Matt with an amazing job that he loves and where he can flourish.
3. Undoubtedly having Your hand on my brother in his sickness and as he continues to recover.
4. Protecting sister and my nephew throughout their sicknesses and accidents this year.
5. Matt and I celebrating our first anniversary.
6. Being able to celebrate a year of my mum back in relationship with you.
7. Giving me a new gifting, that I love and is blessing others.
8. Celebrating a year in our own home.
9. New work opportunities that are healing me and growing me.

In amidst all the pain and the uncertainty of this past year, I can say with complete assurance I have known your hand on my life. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

a great start to the year

Last year our pastor challenged us to read the bible in a year and I was rubbish! I kept meaning to and forgot. As that is coming to a close I don't want to feel any guilt about it but want to step up and try again.

If you're like me and need some structure doing it check this out -
You can download the reading guide.

I started 2010 off with exercise - a nice long walk in the knee deep snow with good friends, shortly after midnight! Now for some spiritual exercise.

Foreword - to moving forward

I've sat here for half an hour not knowing what to write.
Blogging isn't something I am naturally inclined to do - I'm one of those that reads lots of blogs and absorbs everything. I'm a consumer. 

But this month or so I've been gripped with things that God is talking to me about and I feel like I need to write it all down, namely to make sense of it all! But also to turn from just reading and taking it all in to channelling it back out again. Some of the blogs I've read has been so instrumental in what God has been saying to me recently.

I absolutely love technology and the idea of something new to play with is great! But I want this not just be fun but so positive and useful. I want this to be another facet of  a life becoming consumed with Him only and living on purpose, with all that He destined for me.

If you stumble across this I hope what I am learning leads you into living as you were meant to live.