Wednesday, 7 April 2010


All my expectations this year are challenges..otherwise what would be the point!? However no more than expectation number 3....getting fitter. 

I am a complete contradiction. I can be unbelievably productive when I want to be and can achieve more in one day than even I thought possible, baking, planning, cleaning, exercise, quiet time, email catch-up. I like those days, I feel a little like superwoman.  Yet I can be horrendously lazy, in fact shockingly so and always feel guilty about it. Take today for instance...

I woke up at 11 - a complete switch from last weeks not being able to sleep at all and waking up at 4 most mornings. I have done some planning. I have read the paper and had some coffee. I have stared out the window and watched clouds for longer than I care to admit. I haven't ventured out the living room, because if I do I will notice the huge (its truly disgraceful) pile of laundry that needs doing. The bathroom than needs cleaning, the bed that needs stripping and washing, the kitchen.....oh the kitchen. 

Don't get me wrong, its my holiday - I'm going to take things easy and definitely take some days 'out', planned days of resting and not feeling guilty about it. But I need to summon up that productivity in me because its good for me!! But all this is not the most conducive when you are trying to get fit.

Anyway...all this leads to me standing and saying no more! I have never been a naturally sporty person, which had led me to having an average fitness level. But I've come to place when I'm realising God wants me to be all that I can be, spiritually and physically. He designed me for life and I want to do it with vigor and vitality in me. I will be 25 this year and I said to myself that I wanted to be in better physical condition than I had ever been, I know my metabolism will just continue to slow down the older I get. So I'm shaking it up now!

What am I doing about it?

I've changed my diet substantially - not much in content as I like a lot of fresh food anyways and eat a moderated amount of carbs. But I am eating smaller amounts more frequently in order to kick start my poor poor metabolism.

Drinking more water - I'm terrible, I really don't drink enough at all, again not helping my metabolism.

Running - not easy. I have flat feet. But I've always wanted to be a runner - no gym, no sign up fee, just me my kicks and the pavement. Also I'm doing the race for life with some girls from Kerith in honour of my brother and he's continued battle with cancer.I need to get in shape for that! It may only be 5k but I'm terribly unfit.

So I'm off...talking about this encouraged me to get out there. I'm going to keep updating my blog with this - I think it will certainly keep me accountable!


Bekah Wilson said...

Let me encourage you on your 5k journey! I have never been a runner, or extremely fit in any kind of way! The only time I ever ran when I was younger was when my brother was chasing me with a blunt object :-)
I have recently started trying to run- "wogging" I have called it... and through persistence am starting to see results on my endurance. I never realized how important my breathing was, and as a singer I think it gives me a leg up. You can do it, Hana. remember- You have the life and wisdom of God in you. you can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you! Keep me posted on your run!

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