Tuesday, 15 June 2010

testimony tuesday

...its been a while! I was in the middle of revisiting my new years resolutions once-upon-a-blog, evaluating everything so far.... and then life happened. Isn't that always the way!

I will get back to the those, I will stick to them! Not for my compulsive behaviour but in the spirit of making this year count.

For now, a catch up.

Work...its been a bit all consuming at the moment! I have been working part-time/fulltime in a school in the borough. I've been giving supply and study support to Year 2/6 and I've had the opportunity to do some great 1-1 tuition as well with individual pupils. All in all I have been in everyday for nearly a year. This has been really helpful and definitely been a huge opportunity to get me back into teaching. Its a long story - some other time perhaps!
This year the school failed its OFSTED and we have been in a big season of change. Despite the feelings around the place and the moral, I'm going with the motto that change is good, moving on, moving forward! An opportunity to grow, learn, develop and make it the school we want it to be.

There was talk for a while that they wanted to employ me as a class teacher and get me involved permanently. I certainly wanted that, but for a whole year it has been, at most times, looking like an impossibility!  There just wasn't space for me and the talk on the wind was that nobody was leaving. I love that I know the God of the impossible.

The week before half term 3 people resigned - for various reasons. But it meant not just one opening but many! Well, I interviewed on Friday and I got the job!

I have had some hesistancy from people, who know what I went through last time, that don't understand why I'm jumping aboard a 'sinking ship'; pulling a school out of OFSTED is hard work.  But Matt and I feel God has brought me to such a place and time as this. A place where previous heartbreaking experiences are being use for good and a place where encouragement and the confidence I desperately needed has been restored. It feels like a risk and I'm running with that. I'm saying yes to this opportunity. If you were there at the leadership meeting on Tuesday, Simon talking about this certainly encouraged me!

I've had to stay hush hush about it for a while, with OFSTED being involved and the report not being released and my job just talk and not official. Now I can sing it out - this is my Thankful Tuesday.

My God is good.


Ruthie said...

Fantastic! Believing that God will take your previous experiences & put them to good use in this new & exciting part of your journey. We do indeed serve a God of making the impossible possible. How awesome that He has chosen to use you to be in this particular school at this time to help shape it's future! Am praying for you as you step out & trust Him for strength, courage, tenacity & innovation. x

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